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We focus on car accident and MVA insurance claims for our clients.

25 years of experience on your side

I represented insurance companies in personal injury claims and know what they need to settle.

Meet Dale Szakacs

Meet Dale Szakacs

I have 25 years experience practicing law and have conducted over 150 trials, in Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench, Tax Court, as well as numerous appearances at the Court of Appeal.

My practice is now focused on personal injury law, helping you pursue your claim, determine its value, and attain the maximum settlement to which you are entitled.

I now only represent Plaintiffs. I have formerly represented insurance companies in defending personal injury claims. I know how to deal with insurance companies to get you the best settlement.

What Sets Dale Apart

25+ Years of Experience on Your Side

I’ve defended my clients’ interests in court for over 25 years. Over time I’ve helped companies and individuals get their fair settlement. Call today and have my experience on your side!

No Fees Unless we Win Your Case

I don’t get paid if you don’t get your personal injury claim settled. It’s that simple. So, I work hard and fast to get your injury claim settled. I’m one of a very few results-based lawyers in Calgary. Call today and let’s get you injury claim settled!

I Know How Insurance Companies Work

I represented insurance companies in personal injury claims and know what they need to settle. Many personal injury lawyers have only played on one side. Have your man on the inside working your case!

Client Testimonials

I’m very pleased with my experience with the Szakacs Law Firm. My Lawyer Mr. Dale Szakacs has been very attentive and thorough in his communication with me throughout the entire legal process. I would definitely recommend your firm to any of my friends and or family members, that would be in need of your services. Special thanks also go out to Dale’s staff for the input and team effort to complete my settlement successfully. I’ll always retain your services again should the need arise, thanks.

Andy McGraw

Dale was tremendously helpful in ensuring that we were taken care of after our car accident. Professional and courteous.

Crystal Moore

Dale is the best
Would not deal with any one else

John F.

Dale is very knowledgeable, experienced and provides practical advice. I found him trustworthy and a true advocate for my situation.

Eric Daku

Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine if I have a claim?
Accidents can happen in many different ways, including, but not limited to, the following: motor vehicle accidents, pedestrians being struck by a motor vehicle, slip and fall accidents, public transportation accidents and wrongful death.

To establish an accident injury claim, the following conditions must be met:

  1. You’ve suffered a physical, mental or emotional injury.
  2. The injury was caused by the fault or negligence of someone else, be it a person, company, municipality, etc.
  3. The injury inflicted must have monetary value. You are entitled to damages for pain and suffering, lost wages or loss of housekeeping capacity, out-of-pocket expenses including medical costs, the cost of any future care, the loss of income earning ability in future, etc.
How can a personal injury lawyer help me?
An experienced injury lawyer can help you make the decisions that will lead to you maximizing your compensation. The insurance system is complex, and although you expect your insurance company to be on your side, that may not always be the case. Insurance companies are for profit enterprises and as such, it is in their interest to downplay the seriousness of injuries and to pay out as little as possible for treatment, or for the settlement of claims. This is why it is important to speak to a lawyer first before speaking to the insurance company.

We review your situation, and determine if you have a valid claim. We then meet with you personally, and can arrange to meet you at home, or in the hospital if you are severely injured. We will explain the process to you and let you know what you should be doing, and what you should not be doing.

We will communicate directly with the insurance companies involved. We will review any proposals with you and advise you as to your best course of action. In the vast majority of cases, the claims are negotiated. It is important to know the process and to have the file properly prepared. If necessary, we will arrange for you to meet with specialists, or to undergo additional tests such as MRIs, to properly assess your injury.

Furthermore, there are legal timelines that must be met, or you may lose your right to recover. We make sure that all timelines are met, and that documents are filed in time .

We take a personal, down-to-earth approach with clients. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and we’re available when you need us.

Finally, our firm is only paid legal fees when you get paid. There is no consultation fee, no up-front fee and no fee until your claim is settled.

How and when should I report a motor vehicle accident (MVA)?
Dale has written a good post answering this frequent question… How and When Should you Report a Motor Vehicle Accident?


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How and When Should you Report a Motor Vehicle Accident?

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