Watch Out for Speed Bumps!

Speed bumps can cause damage to both you and your vehicle. “We have come across patients who suffered from pain in the back and ligament injury in the knee due to a sudden jerk caused by speed bumps. They are poorly planned and too uneven to drive,” said Dr Deepak Choudhary, director of the Safdarjung Sports Injury Centre.

watch out for speed bumpsIt’s a point that TK Malhotra, president of the Automobile Association of Upper India, reiterates. “Speed breakers that are not constructed according to guidelines can cause immense damage to vehicles. They can damage the chassis, suspension and even exhaust pipe of the vehicle. Vehicles that have low ground clearance are especially vulnerable as are motorcycles.”

Dr Rajeev Sharma, senior consultant, orthopaedics, at Apollo Hospital said if a speed bump is high, elderly people can get a whiplash injury because the bones are osteoporotic and arthritic. “In worse case scenarios, it can cause compression and fracture of the vertebrae,” he said.

Dr Sharma said the height of a speed bumps should not be more than four inches and there should be proper markings. Malhotra says markings are important. “Especially, when you are not familiar with the topography of the area, markings on the speed bump become crucial,” he said.

“Uneven speed bumpss pose the maximum risk to pregnant woman. Sudden breaking and acceleration can cause stress and pain. It can also lead to miscarriage in case of severe injury,” he added.

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